Tariff rates on the basis of which the tariff rates for electricity sales are determined are: chargeable power, active power and reactive power.
Billing power or peak power is the maximum measured average value of active power in a time of 15 minutes in a month and is measured with a maximeter.
In practice, the cost of peak power on average is between 30% - 50% of the total bill for electricity, and it is possible that the price you pay for the billing demand exceeds the amount of the consumed active power.
From the pricelist, we see that the price of a kilowatt of peak power is 620.52 din. for each kilowatt (measured at low voltage) to the value of the contracted power, and if consumption is higher, the difference of the contract to the actual power is charged by 1241.04 din./kW.
The justification for such a high price, ED businesses see in the reason that they must achieve a system stability and optimal operation of the electric power system and the main way to achieve this is to provide electricity customers are within the agreed spending limits.
From the previously mentioned it is clear that one has to analyze the possibility of reducing the cost that we get on the the basis of billing power.
Managing peak load is achieved by controlling the operating modes of the largest consumers. The goal is to avoid simultaneous work, ie. spread the bearing loads of different consumers so they do not overlap.

In the first phase installation of network of analyzers on key energy points of the plant is carried out. Through networking of analyzers all data is brought to a central computer to monitor and manage energy consumption. In this way, we follow all current parameters including current consumption and peak power. Already at this stage we get useful information such as. electric energy consumption by sectors of production or per unit of product, overloading of cables and transformers, unbalanced operation, ...
In the second phase the management of individual consumers is implemented, their schedule or start a temporary short-term exclusion of consumers that will not disrupt the production process, for example air conditioners.
Payback period in most cases is less than one year.

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