Our offer includes the development, design, installation and commissioning of the systems for reactive power compensation , maintaining those systems in the warranty, and if desired, out of warranty.
Tesla systems consist of multiple sectors including the sector that deals with the import and sales of equipment made by numerous world manufacturers.
Finaly, from import, along with projecting to installation and commissioning of the systems with all required infrastructure to accomplish even the most difficult tasks , we provide to the user our best solutions for your invested money.

Electricity is becoming more expensive and energy efficiency is becoming an integral part of our lives and behavior. Reactive power compensation amounts to saving millions , there is no investment in energy efficiency that will quickly recover the money invested ...
At the present time it is necessary to analyze any situation where we can save on energy. This is primarily related to the reduction of engaged power that can in the total account which we get from the power company be up to 50% of the total price you pay ...

Paying the bills to the power company is hard to avoid. Primarily because our electricity is needed and because the electric company has effective methods of debt collection. In an extreme case, we can not deny the delivery of electricity and there is no alternative for now.
In the calculation of the energy consumed, we have three main points: consumed active energy, "spent" reactive energy , capacity charge. The last two items we pay and never get the "energy" that we paid.
Installation of certain systems which are explained in detail on this website, approved by the EPS, we begin to pay for what we spend. In this way, we achieve great savings.
The system can be realized without separate funding. The most favorable bank loans are exactly the loans for energy efficiency. The rate that needs to be payed to the bank does not exceed the amount of savings that by installing of these systems you no longer pay to the electric company. The system is payed off in between 12-25 months, and after that you receive significant savings each month.




Small Company? Big Company? Project Company? Installation Company? – NEVER MIND – Call us. Ask for a solution to your problem. We are here to solve your problems and fulfill your needs where ever you are in Serbia. We will be glad to visit you with our partners and discus your requirements.


Tesla systems are by many measures, a leading company in Serbia for the works in the area of reactive power compensation. We singled out the following parameters:

  • Greatest reference list of works done 
  • The largest selection of equipment - Dealership of four leading international companies 
  • The best rates on the market 
  • A large stock of equipment 
  • The best payment terms


Look at your bills for electricity. If you pay for reactive energy, give us a call and starting next month item for reactive power consumed on the account will be zero or a very small amount. The monthly amount you have to pay to Power Distribution Company for the next couple of months (6-15 months), you would pay to us (interest not included) for derivative works in reactive power compensation. For the next ten years you will have savings 120 times larger than the monthly amount you pay for reactive power now.


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