Voltage flickers are voltage fluctuations that are repeated. Flicker is defined as a form of intrusive flickering, caused by light stimuli with time wavering light density or spectral analysis.

In simpler terms, it's a vibration of a eg. light of a light bulbs or computer monitors. The causes of flickering are sudden frequent load changes caused by work eg. electric arc furnaces, copiers, welding machines and similar machines on the same network.

Spotting the flicker depends from person to person, ie. the sensitivity of the eye. Strength of the flickering is defined by identifying the following: flickering light increases until the time that of a 100 people, 50 of them sees the flash (change of light), then it is said to the flickering has a value of 1. The most annoying flicker to a human eye are of frequencies from 7 to 10 Hz.

An example of the voltage flickering is shown in figure:

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