Signal voltages are voltages superplunged on the basic voltage wave, and are used to manage customer and equipment (such as MTU signal). They need to be controled so as not to have undesirable effects on other customers in the system. Clearer picture of the quality of electric power is obtained if the consideration involved and the characteristics of the load, because it is exactly what is largely the cause of deterioration in the quality of electricity.

In addition to poor quality supplies, interference in the work of the customers can be caused by electromagnetic effects and other elements of electric power networks.

In the area of Interactions of electromagnetic power systems, both consumers and equipment are connected to it, and there are two levels of matching. One level is defined as the emission of noise which the consumer can emit in his work, and when it does not cause interference with other electrical devices. The second level of the electromagnetic activity that an individual consumer may be submitted, and that it does not interfere with the interference in their work. Both levels are defined using the recommendations of equipment manufacturers / consumers in their production. These recommendations can be used later to control the emission current harmonics, which gives consumers the network in its normal operation.

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