Digital network analyzer is the basic element of the primary - measuring and control part of the system for compensation of reactive power. It provides continuous measurement of quality electrical quantities, measurement and energy management, monitoring, "control/command" system and the protection of the installation.

All functions can be centralized on a PC using the Supervision software or other systems (PLC for example) via the RS485 link to JBUS / MODBUS or PROFIBUS protocol.

Digital network analyzer on an electrical network measures power in all three phases, between phases and line voltage, active power, reactive power with the prefix "L" for the predominantly inductive or "C" for the predominantly capacitive, and apparent power, frequency and power factor also marked by an "L" or "C".

The device allows you to track the level of load of the feeders or phase loss, over voltage, voltage drop and the power failure. Its important feature is the analysis of power quality during interruptions and harmonic spectrum analysis in stages, as well as measuring the energy in the production process.

Management and control is exercised over certain control schemes, and sending of the data to the central database is possible through digital or analog communication. Optional modules provide additional functions: memory of the recent alarm events, Min. / Max. values ​​of the measured values​​, pulse outputs, isolated analog outputs, communication...

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