Digital network analyzer has a RS485 port and allows us to choose one of the offered protocols (JBUS / MODBUS or PROFIBUS) to communicate with the PC, or Ethernet network.

This project provides the TCP / IP gateway device that is powered by 230V AC and has a function (because its interface allows) Enthernet connect to the network as the master on one side and the RS485 as a slave on the other side.

is designed A software  that enables remote monitoring and control, primarily a visual display of the reactive power regulation system and control over consumption (measurement and monitoring). Supervision software is licensed to a manufacturer of digital network analyzers.

Visualization consists of the following:

  • Display of the current measuring electrical quantities.
  • Display alarm.
  • Display the current value of energy and harmonic measurements in tabular and graphical view.
  • Configuration of all the instruments and display of the values of the instruments in analog and digital form.
  • Display of the load in a wave form.
  • Spreadsheet every 10 minutes, displaying the status change of input / output indicators.

Software enables communication with all devices installed in the system, creating a database manually and automatic data search.

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