Price of a kWh for households in Serbia amounts to 4.65 euro cents, and 5.15 euro cents for the economy.

Electricity prices for households in Bulgaria are 6.85 euro cents per kilowatt-hour, 9.19 in Slovenia, Croatia 9.61, while in Hungary, household electricity costs 12.81 euro cent per kilowatt hour.

In France kilowatt hour of electricity for households amounts to 9.31 euro cent, Greece, 10.05 euro cents,, 10.80 Czech Republic, Germany 13.41, UK 15.30, while the most expensive electricity for households in Cyprus - 17.54 euro cents in Ireland 17.91, euro cent per kilowatt hour.

Private companies for kilowatt hour of electricity, according to Eurostat, in Bulgaria pay 6.44 euro cents per kilowatt hour, Croatia 9.33, Slovenia 9.51, Hungary 11,95, 16,11 in Greece.

The electricity industry is the most expensive in Malta and amounts to 16.19 euro cents, and Cyprus - 17.85 eurocents per kilowatt hour.

Download the official price list generation of electricity which is currently being implemented:

Prices of electricity in Serbia that are being implemented since March 1st of 2010

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