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Inductive consumers (mostly engines) are taking reactive energy from the network. Households are not charged for reactive energy, but all production facilities have to pay active and reactive energy.

The investment cost of reactive energy compensation is payable in the period of two to four years.

We have achieved the largest systems in Serbia for the compensation of reactive energy. The equipment we use is Schneider Electric.
Tesla systems performs:
  • Measurement, and determining the actual status of reactive energy.
  • Design compensation reactive energy to study cost-effectiveness of such a project.
  • Performing a complete work.
Compensation of reactive energy project includes the following elements:
  • Automatic detection of reactive energy
  • Automatic control of reactive energy
  • Switchers
  • Capacitor batteries
  • Communication
  • Cable installation


Tesla systems in the industry: The first step is to be used for measuring the consumption of reactive power

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